Aquarium in Los Rosales Restaurant (Toledo)

Aquarium installed in Los Rosales Restaurant (Toledo)

The aquariums and nurseries for restaurants are an excellent option as it will allow our customers to see the genre and, as a restaurant, we will be able to demonstrate the quality of our products. Without a doubt, having an aquarium in a restaurant is synonymous with quality that will please and attract more diners. This is a project that we have carried out from Tecnoacuar at the Rosales, located in Toledo, where it is in perfect harmony with the rest of the decoration. From TecnoAcuar we have very recently delivered a hatchery for shellfish in a restaurant. In the Restaurante Los Rosales they were clear that they wanted a nursery for quality shellfish, where their customers could see the quality of the product and know with certainty that they were going to consume fresh shellfish. At TecnoAcuar, we have carried out the design and installation of the nursery, leaving it in perfect condition so that both restaurant owners and customers can enjoy the advantages of having a nursery in the hotel industry.