Aquarium lighting specialists

Lighting in aquariums is essential for life inside the aquarium.

Thanks to aquarium lighting, it is possible for animals and plants to develop in an ideal way.

At TecnoAcuar we are specialists in aquarium lighting, which is why we know the basic aspects necessary for aquarium lighting, such as the amount of light necessary to illuminate the aquarium, the types of lights, the combination between them…

Types of light for aquariums:

  • Fluorescents for aquariums:
    The most basic aquarium lighting is fluorescent, which emits light thanks to two elements inside the tubes, the ionized gas and the fluorescent coating that changes its chemical composition with this gas. The main advantage of this type of lighting is that they are cheap, efficient and use little electricity.
  • Mercury vapor lamp:
    This type of lamps, its operation is very similar to that of halogens. They must be suspended over the aquarium and at a certain distance from the water due to the heat they give off due to their operation.
    They have more power than fluorescent ones and are very useful for lighting planted aquariums between 45 and 60 cm high.

  • Led screen:
    One of the most demanded options for our aquarium lighting specialists are LED screens, since they have evolved a lot in terms of energy efficiency and quality.
    In addition to providing great light output and saving on consumption, they can emit light in very specific spectra, which translates into very precise lighting that is beneficial for photosynthesis.
    On the other hand, LED screens do not produce residual heat, so the temperature of the aquarium water does not increase.
    Finally, their intensity can be regulated and their useful life is very long, so they do not have to be replaced for several years.

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