Refrigerated fish exhibitors

At TecnoAcuar we are manufacturers and distributors of aquariums and nurseries and we cover a wide range of products to meet the needs of all our customers. For this reason, in our catalogue, we have included refrigerated fish displays.

Fish exhibitors in markets, supermarkets, etc. The best way to present seafood and fish is to display it in a display case on a base of crushed ice and at a constant temperature. This will make it look more appetizing, bring out the shine and make it look like it’s just arrived, which will encourage consumer acceptance.

Refrigerated fish exhibitors:

Depending on the different refrigeration systems, we can find several refrigerated exhibitors.

  • Static cold:
    These static cold display cabinets preserve the different foods better thanks to the fact that they maintain their ideal degree of humidity and prevent the product from drying out. It is important to place the foods that need the coldest for their correct conservation below, since there is a difference in temperature between the top and the bottom and they range between 3° and -5°.
  • Cool ventilated:
    This type of display unit maintains a constant temperature throughout the entire display unit. The only drawback is that they can dry out the product, making it lose presence, shine and some of its qualities.
  • Semi-static cold display cabinets:
    This type of exhibitors combine static and ventilated technologies. In other words, they cool by contact but incorporate a fan that stirs the air inside, which manages to distribute the cold throughout the display case without drying out the product.

If you have any questions about any characteristic of the refrigerated fish exhibitors such as dimensions, temperature, humidity, maintenance, etc. do not hesitate to
contact us.