Installation and design of aquariums for home

One of the most requested elements for the home are aquariums, which provide multiple advantages to the home. Due to the importance they have, it is advisable that the installation and design of home aquariums be carried out by a professional.

Start or continue in the world of aquariums and nurseries, through TecnoAcuar, where we offer you a wide variety of home aquariums of different sizes and models and we will provide you with all the necessary information to make the choice much easier.

Tips for the installation and design of home aquariums

At TecnoAcuar we are going to provide you with some tips so that you can choose your home aquarium:

  • Size: Go for the largest size you can afford, as it’s easier to maintain in the long run. With a larger aquarium you will have more space for fish and plants. Also, the fish do not get as stressed as if they are in a smaller space.
  • Location: although it is important that the aquarium is in a visible place, try to make sure it is close to a plug and, at the same time, away from drafts and stoves. Also, it should be in a well-lit place so that the plants do photosynthesis and release CO2, although it should not be given direct sunlight so that the temperature of the water does not increase. In addition, the aquarium must be on a flat, resistant and stable surface so that it does not break and support the weight of the aquarium.
  • Filter: If your size is small, choose the backpack type filter; if it’s medium, choose the inner type and if it’s large, choose the outer type.
  • Lighting: 0.4 W/litre of water LED tubes are used in freshwater aquariums and 0.6 W/litre of water in saltwater aquariums. If you want to have more plants you will need more power.
  • Water: to fill the aquarium you should only use cold water, since hot water contains toxic ions.

At TecnoAcuar we are specialists in the installation and design of home aquariums, so we will advise you on everything you need.