Treatment plants for bivalve molluscs

Bivalve mollusc treatment plants are essential, since any mollusc must be purified before human consumption to guarantee the food safety of the molluscs that are consumed and to avoid the spread of any disease.

At TecnoAcuar we are aware that the majority of bivalves produced in our country for raw or lightly cooked consumption need to be purified before they are marketed. For this reason, we have incorporated bivalve mollusc treatment plants into our catalog and they are custom designed to adapt to each client and the capacity of each one of them.

Characteristics of our treatment plants:

TecnoAcuar buckets comply with the hygienic qualities for their correct operation. In addition, they have isothermal insulation, which is ideal for the maintenance and purification of molluscs.
On the other hand, the treatment plants are equipped with operating systems that, together with our experience, guarantee the conservation of sea water in optimal conditions.
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